Monday, 10 September 2007

Groundbreaking Research regarding Homeopathy using spectroscopy

From an article by Nancy Boyer in the American: Homeopathy Today Magazine

Groundbreaking New Research Shows: There is something in that medicine after all!

'After carefully studying the structure of homeopathic medicines, a team of researchers from Pennsylvania State Uni and the Uni of Arizona recently reported some fascinating and groundbreaking results.
In fact, their soon-to-be-published research should turn the whole field of health research upside down and open doors for homeopathy like never before.
Using 'spectroscopy' these researchers were able to see distinct structural differences between a homeopathic remedy and plain water, between one remedy and another remedy and between different potencies of the same remedy.
Equally important, they replicated the results many times over.

What does this prove?

That homeopathically prepared remedies are capable of retaining information, in a stable form, from the original source material. And that structure matters. And that water may prove to be the most important vehicle for intracellular transportation.
All Homeopaths have long believed that some day it would happen: that the high school chemistry lesson about Avogadro's number (which asserts that the properties of a solution are solely tied to its molecular content, so that materials diluted beyond 6X10 to the power of 23 retain nothing of the original substance) would be proven incorrect. Researchers conducted a study over 2 years. Dr Roy et al. have long known that the properties of a substance are a function of its chemistry and its structure. While water will always be two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen it can have many 3 dimensional structures in its liquid or 'condensed' phase. The team found that succussion plays a critical role in creating the key structural changes in water that occur during homeopathic remedy preparation- something Hahnemann knew long before spectroscopy was able to demonstrate it. The researchers examined the homeopathic medicines Nux vom and Nat Mur. in various potencies as supplied by Hahnemann Laboratories Inc. The study was funded in part by grants from The Council for Homeopathic Research and Education, Inc, The Friends of Health Foundation and The National Institutes of Health.

So what does it all mean?

It means there is proof that ultra-dilute homeopathic remedies are not plain distilled water, as detractors have long claimed. It proves instead that homeopathic remedies are substances with unique informational content and that their biological 'action' is , in fact, plausible. This opens the door for many other research porjects and it also provides a vehicle for quality assurance for homeopathic pharmacies and manufacturers who will be able to demonstrate content within their remedies.
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